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Why Video?

According to recent Forrester research, it is approximately 53 times easier to rank via video content than to rank a simple webpage. We can help you get your content viewed by the appropriate audiences and increase your page views significantly by adding our Video Optimization Services to your overall SEO strategy.

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Make Video Part of your strategy

Our team will identify all major keywords your website should be ranking for and incorporate them into your video's titles and descriptions and create relevant tags to optimize click through rates. We'll also review the video content itself to see if any changes should be made and make the appropriate recommendations from an SEO standpoint. Our goal is to have your target audience not only find your video, but be engaged enough to watch through it, click the call to actions, and convert a viewer to a customer.

Why is Youtube so important?

Why should Youtube be an important key to your SEO strategy? Simply put, Google is the #1 search engine in the world, followed by Youtube and it is worth mentioning that Google even owns Youtube. They most definitely promote their own products, therefore by having your videos displayed on Youtube, you are ensuring visibility on the #1 and #2 most used search engines in the world. There is a huge benefit to creating video content and we love showing our clients how effective it can be.

Overwhelmed with thinking about ranking on these huge engines? Let our experts strategize with you and walk you through the process with ease.

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